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Recent Publications

  1. Aizenman J., A. Cukierman, Y. Jinjarak and W. Xin (2023), "International Evidence on Vaccines and the Mortality to Infections Ratio in the Pre-Omicron Era", Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, Published online: April 6. DOI: 10.1007/s41885-023-00125-1.

  2. Cukierman A. (2022), "Current Challenges to World Financial Stability: To What Extent is the Past a Guide for the Future?", in Haron R. (ed.), Financial Crises – Challenges and Solutions, September, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen. 107432.

  3. Cukierman A. (2022), "Reflections on the Shifting Consensus about Monetary and Fiscal Policies following the GFC and the COVID-19 Crises", in Ferri G. and V. D’Apice (eds.) A Modern Guide to Financial Shocks, Edward Elgar Publishing.

  4. Aizenman J., A. Cukierman, Y. Jinjarak, S. Nair-Desai and W. Xin (2022), "Gaps Between Official and Excess Covid-19 Mortality Measures" The Effects of Institutional Quality and Vaccinations", Economic Modelling, 116, November, 105990.

  5. Cukierman A. (2022), "Implications of the Permanent-transitory Confusion for New-Keynesian Modeling, Inflation Forecasts and the Post-Crisis Era", in Moser T. and M. Savioz (eds.), Karl Brunner and Monetarism, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. 

  6. Cukierman A. (2021), "COVID-19, Seignorage, Quantitative Easing and the Fiscal-Monetary Nexus"Comparative Economic Studies, 63(2), 181-199, June, DOI: 10.1057/s41294-021-00150-7 
    Internet version:


  7. Cukierman A., T. Lustenberger and A. Meltzer (2020), "The Permanent-Transitory Confusion: Implications for Tests of Market Efficiency and for Expected Inflation during Turbulent and Tranquil times", in Young W., A. Arnon and K. van der Beek (eds.), Expectations – Theory and Applications from Historical Perspectives, Springer Verlag.

  8. Cukierman A. (2020), "Welfare and Political Economy Aspects of a Central Bank Digital Currency", The Manchester School (2020), V. 88, 114-125.

  9. Cukierman A. (2019), "A Retrospective on the Subprime Crisis and its Aftermath Ten Years after Lehman’s Collapse", Economic Systems, 43. 100713.

  10. Cukierman A. (2019), "The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Central Banking", in Mayes D., Siklos P. and J.E. Sturm (eds.), Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Central Banking, Oxford University Press. Online version March.

  11. Cukierman A. (2019), "Forex Intervention and Reserve Management in Switzerland and Israel since the Financial Crisis: Comparison and Policy Lessons", Open Economies Review, Published online January 26.


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  13. Cukierman A. (2018), "The Behavior of the Money Multiplier During and after the Subprime Crisis: Implications for the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy", in Eijffinger S. and D. Masciandaro (eds.), Doves and Hawks: Economics and Politics of Monetary policymaking, CEPR E-Book, pp. 105-113, February.

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