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Data on Central Bank

  1. Data on Legal Independence and Governor's Turnover underlying the paper: "Measuring the Independence of Central Banks and its Effect on Policy Outcomes", World Bank Economic Review, 6, September 1992, 353-398  by A. Cukierman, S. Webb and B. Neyapti and Chapter 19 of the book: Central Bank Strategy, Credibility and Independence: Theory and Evidence, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1992 by A. Cukierman.
    Data (Excel file).

  2. Raw Data underlying the paper: "Political Influence on the Central Bank-International Evidence", The World Bank  Economic Review, 9, September 1995, 397-423 by A. Cukierman and S. Webb.
    Data (Excel file), Documentation (Word file).

  3. Data Appendix underlying the paper: "Central Bank Reform, Liberalization and Inflation in Transition Economies - An International Perspective", Journal of Monetary Economics, 49, March  2002, 237-264 by A. Cukierman, G. P. Miller and B. Neyapti.
    Data (Excel file).

  4. Central Banking Publications - London

  5. Links to Central Banks sites, from the "Bank of International Settlemaents"

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